The Aspects of the Muslim Way of Speaking




For someone to be able to speak in the way of the Muslims, it is enough for them to submit themselves sincerely to Allah and adhere to the Qur'an, the Book that distinguishes right from wrong. If they fulfill such conditions, their conscience will show them the true path and enable them to employ their speech in the best possible way.

In the Qur'an, Allah offers various examples of what the Muslim way of speaking means, as well as those manners of speech to be avoided by believers. Also, the Qur'an provides examples of different types of situations one may face in the life of this world, and describes the reactions and comments made by people with different sorts of characters when faced with such circumstances. Thus, through adherence to the Qur'an, believers can see which responses constitute the manner of speaking expected of a Muslim and which are beyond the requirements outlined in the Qur'an. They can acquire information to help them avoid types of speech which Allah disapproves of, as well as learn how to employ that manner of speech which will please Him most.

In the following pages, all the aspects of the Muslim way of speaking, of which Allah has notified us in the verses of the Qur'an, will be examined, and examples will be given from the Qur'an, and from everyday life in order that the subject may be fully understood and, ultimately, put into practice.

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