Musa(a.s)Requests Harun(a.s) as a companion



Musa's answers to the revelations from God are replete with

numerous examples of his sincerity. Musa told God frankly that he was

afraid, hesitant, and insecure, and asked for his Lord's guidance. For

instance, he expressed his concern that he might be killed by an Egyptian

seeking vengeance, for having killed another Egyptian. He also stated that

he was concerned of his inability to express himself fluently, fearing not

being able to address Pharaoh properly. That is why he asked for his

brother Harun, who was better at speaking, to accompany him:

He said, "My Lord, I killed one of them and I am afraid they will kill

me; and my brother Harun is more eloquent than me so send him

with me to support me and back me up. I am afraid they will call me

a liar." (Qur'an, 28: 33-34)

"My brother Harun. Strengthen my back by him and let him share in

my task, so that we can glorify You much and remember You

much."(Qur'an, 20: 30-34)

Therefore, we should understand that the other reason why Musa

asked for Harun as companion was to help him better remember God. He

thought the company of another person would make him glorify Him

more. Indeed, the company of other believers and their mutual spiritual

encouragement are essential in warding off heedlessness, for which

reason, in many verses of the Qur'an, God admonishes the believers to

remain together. This is another lesson believers must draw from the story

of Musa.

Musa's requests were granted by God. God declared that Harun had

been allowed to accompany Musa in order to support him in his mission

to Pharaoh as well as to give him strength:

He (God) said, "We will reinforce you with your brother and by Our

Signs will give you both authority, so that they will not be able to lay

a hand on you. You and those who follow you will be the victors."

(Qur'an, 28: 35)

Another verse conveys the same event as follows:

He said, "O Lord, expand my breast for me and make my task easy for

me. Loosen the knot in my tongue so that they will understand my

words. Assign me a helper from my family." (Qur'an, 20: 25-29)

(Moses said) "For You are watching us." He (God) said, "Your request

has been granted, Musa." (Qur'an, 20: 35-36)

When we consider Musa's requests, we see that he disclosed all his

personal weaknesses candidly to God, and that he prayed and pleaded for

God's guidance. The sincerity of his prayer is an example for all people. A

human should pray humbly to God with sincerity, aware that he is weak

and destitute before the presence of God, Who holds everything under His

total control. God knows everything and witnesses every deed a human

engages in. Further, He knows inner thoughts of man. This being the case,

there is no need to conceal anything from one's Lord.

To conclude, every one needs to turn to God, with the sincerity and

candour that he would otherwise not show to other human beings.

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