The ingratitude of The children of Israel



After his confrontation with the magicians, Musa stayed in Egypt for

an extended period of time, marked by more severe oppression meted out

by Pharaoh against Musa and the children of Israel. On one hand, Musa

confronted Pharaoh and his oppression, while on the other, he summoned

the children of the Israel to steadfastness. Some among the children of the

Israel disrespectfully criticised Musa, saying that his presence did not

alleviate the repression they were subjected to:

Musa said to his people, "Seek help in God and be steadfast. The earth

belongs to God. He bequeaths it to any of His servants He wills. The

successful outcome is for those who have fear for God."

They said, "We suffered harm before you came to us and after you

came to us."

He said, "It may well be that your Lord is going to destroy your enemy

and make you the successors in the land so that He can see how you

behave." (Qur'an, 7: 128-129)

The disrespect of the children of Israel towards Musa is an indication

of their spiritual weakness. God had sent a prophet, to save them from the

cruelty of Pharaoh, who asked them to be steadfast. Due to the weakness

of their faith and their utter lack of wisdom, they were not able to forebear.

Instead, with ingratitude, they began to complain and grumble to Musa.

However, no matter what befalls him, a sincere believer feels grateful to

God, and submits himself to everything that God had predetermined for

him. In times of trouble, hardship, hunger or even under oppression or

torture, a Muslim must always be in such a state of spiritual submission.

This state of mind was explained by God's Messenger, the Prophet

Muhammad (saas) with the words "Praise be to God who created everything

as is necessary, who does not hasten anything He defers and determines.

God is enough for me and sufficient." (Ibn Majah)
Only such submission

and putting one's trust in God can change troubles into great spiritual


With the example of Musa, God shows us that the majority of the

children of Israel lacked this kind of a conscientiousness. As will be made

clear in the following pages, the complaints of the children of Israel, as

described above, would later turn to ingratitude, and ultimately, into

rebellion against God. God informs us of these events that we may take

lessons from them. Just as in the case of the denial of Pharaoh, so in the

weak faith and ill-hearts of the children of Israel is there a lesson for us.

He (God) has given you everything you have

asked Him for. If you tried to number God's

blessings, you could never count them.

Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful.

(Qur'an, 14: 34)

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