Het Bedevaart weer in zicht,LEBBEYK ALLAHUMMA LEBBEYK

 gisteren samengeweest met een 80tal van hun in hun wit kleedjes,zo prachtig hoe hun ogen vol liefde en tranen en hun tongen LEBBEYK ALLAHUMMA LEBBEYK.....

InshaAllah zullen ze onze Selaam en liefde naar de Zegel der profeten,het Licht der werelden,Muhammad Mustafa[sas] overbrengen,en aan zijn sahabas,

 het was een moeilijk moment toen je hun 1per 1 naar voren zag komen om de tranen wegtehouden,

kon ik maar mee met hun zei ik tegenmezelf,maar in hun harten is er een plek die ons meeneemt naar die verre oorden,in gedachte was ik al vertrokken waar ik alleen LEBBEYK ALLAHUMMA LEBBEYK hoorde,

O,pracht van de zonsondergang,

eens,als uwer weg de mesjid-i Nabawi,de groene kubbah voorbijkomt,geef dan mijn eindeloze liefde,salaam en salaat naar de profeet van de mensheid en die van de djinns.vertel dat ik op mijn beurt InshaAllah persoonlijk Hem zal komen groeten,



This is the center of Islam,center of the world,

 This place is considered to be the center of the earth,.It is the worlds first and oldest worshiping place since the times of Adam and Eve.,All of the Allahs Prophets have come and prayed here one time or another,its known as Kabah,meaning ''Square'' or four sides,east west north south,Probably the modern english word ''cube'' is derived from it,.  You can be anywhere in this world,face towards Kabah and pray because Allah is everywhere...

The Holy Mosque of the Prophet(pbuh)


 Prophet Mohammed's(pbuh) resting place:massjid-u- Nabawi

After construction,three levels of Haram- and all full with worshippers

 Nowhere in the world you will see millions of people praying like this day and night:five times

 This is the center of Islam,only complete and alive religion of Allah the only God.

 Hajar-e Aswad-a:The black stone:A stone from Heaven engraved in silver,.

Its a black stone,it is narrated that Prophet Adam(a.s),when He was in heavens,He used to sit on this stone and pray.When He was sent down to this earth,The stone started crying,So Allah sent this stone to the earth along with Him,Angels put it at the place of Kabah,On the day of judgement it will be a withness for those who have gone there for Hajj and Omra.

 Maqame Ibrahim:::You can see the foot impression of Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham (a.s) saved in silver.He used this stone to reach the higher parts of the Kabah and stepped on it while his son Ismael(a.s) was handing Him the bricks.


 Kabah:The place were Prophet Abraham(a.s)(who was ordered by Allah)to leave his wife Hajra/Hagar(egyptian princess,the daughter of the first pharaoh)and His first born Ismael(a.s) with no food or water at a place where no one could be seen for thousands of miles,It was a plain of dessert,where no one lived.So when she panicked to find water for her tiny son,...Allah was  pleased to see her love for her son and sent Angel Gabriel(a.s),who stricked his wings on the ground and a fontain of water started,And since than on that water of fontain is still there at the grounds of Kabah,is known as ZAmZAm,it has never stopped flowing...



 The world around the Kabah


In this picture the top floor of the Holy Kabah is under construction

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