"The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed"

Vaak wordt er in de geschiedenis gesproken over uitmuntende bekende generalen, zoals Alexander de Grote, Napoleon etc.

Maar een van de beste en grootste Generalen ooit blijft een metgezel van de Profeet(saws) genaamd Khalid Ibn Walid. Khalid ibn Walid die zowel de Perzische als de Romeinse Rijk overrompelde. Khalid ibn Walid wiens strategien nog steeds worden bestudeert in de militaire scholen, zelfs in het Westen worden zijn tactieken bestudeerd. Hij wist met een leger van 40.000 man een leger van 240.000 romeinen te verslaan.

Khalid bin Al-Waleed was one of the greatest generals in history, and one of the greatest heroes of Islam. Besides him, Genghis Khan was the only other general to remain undefeated in his entire military life. A measure of Khalid's genius is that he was the only person to inflict a (temporary) defeat on the Prophet Muhammad, (may Allah bless him and grant him peace).

Hier is een stuk uit het boek "The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed, His Life and Campaigns" geschreven door Lieutenant-General A.I. Akram van de Pakistan Leger, in Okober 1969:

Then a Roman general by the name of George emerged from the Roman centre and rode towards the Muslims. Halting a short distance from the Muslim centre, he raised his voice and asked for Khalid. From the Muslim side Khalid rode out, delighted at the thought that the battle would begin with himself fighting a duel. He would set the pace for the rest of the battle.

As Khalid drew near, the Roman made no move to draw his sword, but continued to look intently at Khalid. The Muslim advanced until the necks of the horses crossed, and still George did not draw his sword. Then he spoke, in Arabic: "O Khalid, tell me the truth and do not deceive me, for the free do not lie and the noble do not deceive. Is it true that Allah sent a sword from heaven to your Prophet ? … and that he gave it to you ? … and that never have you drawn it but your enemies have been defeated?"

"No!" replied Khalid.

"Then why are you known as the Sword of Allah?"

Here Khalid told George the story of how he received the title of Sword of Allah from the Holy Prophet. George pondered this a while, then with a pensive look in his eyes, asked, "Tell me, to what do you call me?"

"To bear witness", Khalid replied, "that there is no Allah but Allah and Muhammad is His Slave and Messenger; and to believe in what he has brought from Allah."

"If I do not agree?"

"Then the Jizya, and you shall be under our protection."

"If I still do not agree?"

"Then the sword!"

George considered the words of Khalid for a few moments, then asked, "What is the position of one who enters your faith today?"

"In our faith there is only one position. All are equal."

"Then I accept your faith!" 3

To the astonishment of the two armies, which knew nothing of what had passed between the two generals, Khalid turned his horse and Muslim and Roman rode slowly to the Muslim army. On arrival at the Muslim centre George repeated after Khalid: "There is no Allah but Allah; Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah!" (A few hours later the newly-converted George would fight heroically for the faith which he had just embraced and would die in battle.) On the auspicious note of this conversion began the Battle of Yarmuk.

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gratis boeken Ik zou graag wat gratis boeken willen ,om mij verder te verdiepen in de islam

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